Saturday, January 12, 2008

My little family is so great. Carson is in Kindergarten, and he loves going to school (I don't mind it so much either). He loves to wakeboard, play soccer, swim and go to UNLV games with Dad. Maile is in preschool and she loves it as well. She is obsessed with princesses and loves to swim, watch princess movies and go to gymnastics. Cole is almost 1, and he is a handful. I have to admit this is not my favorite age. It is definitely the cutest age, but the most maintenance. He goes in the kitchen and pulls out everything he can get his hands on. Needless to say, none of my cupboards are even remotely organized. But it's ok, he is such a happy baby and sleeps amazingly. Who can complain about that?


Herlean Family said...
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Haskins said...

Yeah I am so glad that you did a blog they are so much fun!! Cute pictures!! Love to see pictures!!
Love ya