Monday, August 25, 2008

San Francisco

So, one of our favorite babysitters was coming home from college for a couple of weeks this summer and mentioned that if Greg and I wanted to go somewhere she would love to watch the kids for us. Well, I'm not one to disappoint anybody so we (of course) took her up on that. We decided to go to San Francisco. Why? We're not really sure, one of us mentioned it and we thought it sounded good so off we went. We were only there for a weekend but had a ton of fun. Did I mention it was freezing cold!!?

We went to a Giants game (we can't go anywhere without sports being involved somehow) and sat front row. I usually just go to games to people watch, but being on the front row was actually real fun and I really watched the game. Mostly because if a foul ball was hit it could have very possibly taken my head right off. I'm not kidding either.

The best part of the trip was after dinner the first night. We went to a restaurant (on someones referral) that was not right in town. After dinner we had to get to the game so we started walking, just waiting to spot an open taxi. The stadium was way too far to walk to and it was freezing cold outside so we walked to the busiest street around and tried and tried to get a taxi. All of the taxis that passed us were occupied so we kept walking in the direction we were supposed to be going just waiting for one to be open. Long story short, we ended up walking more than halfway there before we scored a taxi. This ended up being real fun because we were in a part of town that we would have never seen had we found a taxi easily. We walked by the design district, government buildings, the Opera House, an Asian History Museum, about 1,000 homeless people talking to themselves (why do they do that?), and a ton of cool shops. It was a great night.

The next day we went to Union Square for some shopping and ate lunch at a little outdoor cafe. A protest broke out right in the middle of the square where we were eating. I'm not entirely sure what it was all about but lets just say that I am a little miffed about the way the Tibetans are being treated by China. "Don't believe China's Olympic lies". Who knew there were so many people from Tibet in San Fran?

I love going on vacations, especially with just me and my husband. I recommend it to everybody. It is such a great way to keep falling in love with each other.


derrickfam said...

Looks way fun. I love San Fransisco! You guys back in town? We've been missing you!