Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter comes at such a beautiful time of year. It's so fitting. It just so happened that our Spring Break came the same week as Easter this year. We thought about going to California. So Greg (always so on top of things) immediately started researching hotels and booked one that looked like great fun for the kids. We tried to get some friends to join us (things are always more fun when there are more people to enjoy it with), but they, I mean he, didn't want to go out of town until he was sure where UNLV was playing in the tournament. Well, UNLV got selected to play in Omaha. Who wants to go to Omaha?
So I overheard Greg and his friend talking about our Spring Break trip and trying to convince him to come to California anyway and his friend said that he just wants to sit all weekend and watch basketball. (It was a very big basketball weekend). So Greg says, "That's all I want to do too, man, we can sit in the hotel and watch some games or go to a sports bar to watch them". That's when I chimed in. Hell no. I'm not going to a hotel in a city I don't know well, with three little kids, just to hang out by myself. I would rather stay home. What a waste of a trip. So I told him this and mentioned that my mom invited us to Easter at her house and that's now where I wanted to go. If he was just going to watch basketball all weekend, I was going to have my mom to hang out with. He was happy with this idea, more basketball watching for him anyway, so that's where we decided to go. Right when we cancelled our hotel, our friends called and said they wanted to go to California now and had booked a room. Of course. I felt a little bad, but going to Utah worked out for the best. Greg kept Cole, my baby, at home with him and watched basketball all day and my mom and I and the two older kids went to movies and shopping and out to lunch. We had a ball. It turned out to be a lovely weekend there too. So sorry to those friends we didn't end up going with, I don't think they ended up going either, but this was a way better Easter for us. Here are some pics of us in our easter clothes.


Lindsay said...

Your last photo kind of looks like a wedding photo! ha ha J/K. Your family is gorgeous. We had fun with you guys.

TheShippenFamily said...

I was sad I didn't get to see you when you were here. Maybe next time. As Jay tells me I am just too pregnant and grouchy to be fun anyway.

Kristen said...

You are so DEAD MEAT that you didn't call me when you were in town!!!!! Next time for sure! Still love you both :)

derrickfam said...

Hey there neighbor! I'm glad I can stalk you on your blog now. ha ha. Cute Easter pics! Your fam is so adorable.