Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Madness

March madness.....What can I say, it is that time again. March Madness is when college basketball is at its best. All of the tournaments begin and there are about 8 bazillion games on TV every single day. All I pray for at this time, is that UNLV loses. Why? Because my husband and son go to every single home game, and are obsessive fans. If UNLV wins the Mountain West Conference tournament that means that they make it into the NCAA tournament. Which no longer sticks close to home. UNLV could play anywhere in the country, which means every single weekend my husband and son will "have" to go to where ever they are playing, until they lose.

Now I do think that this is so cute. Carson genuinely loves going to the games. He can tell you the players names and jersey numbers, he'll shout "defence" at the right times, and if the game is too late and he isn't allowed to go to it, he'll make Greg Tivo it and he'll watch it the next day. He really loves it. It provides great father/son bonding moments. However, since there about 15 home games a season and the Mountain West tournament is here in Vegas, I feel that that is plenty of father/son bonding a year and UNLV does not need to continue on in the tournament, so yes, I cheer for UNLV to lose.

Sorry to all of you Rebels out there, but I have a feeling that many of you agree with me, regardless of what team your husband is a fan of.


lesli said...

tell greg he needs to check out nola cox's corvette license plate: reblfan or something like that.
she is one of the biggest fans of UNLV ever. hilarious.

The Farrell Family said...

I didn't know your boys were such big b-ball fans! I think it's funny that you cheer for UNLV to lose. It's totally cute that Greg and Carson go to all of the games together, but I also can totally understand you being ready for the season to be over. :)

TheShippenFamily said...

Cute face!! Did Greg and Carson come up for the BYU-UNLV game? Jay and Jax were there. Jay and the TV has a great relationship for the college basketball season. I think if I go into labor during a game he may have a tough decision.