Monday, May 12, 2008

Cabo Wabo

I love vacations, don't you? Nothing is better. Sure, it seems to be absolute chaos before leaving, making sure the kids are all taken care of, with their school schedule and sports schedule and nap schedule and on and on and on, and you even may wonder, "Is this worth it?" I answer with a resounding, "YES!!" The week of this vacation turned out to be complete chaos, not to mention it was the first time I was going to leave my baby over night with somebody else, I was very stressed and not sure it was going to be worth all of the work that surrounded it. And then we got there........

If this picture doesn't relax you, then you need help. We went to Cabo San Lucas with two other couples and had a most relaxing time. We rented a house right on the beach and a golf course. This is Greg in the pool right after an early morning jog. He didn't know anyone else was awake and my friend shot this picture.

We didn't relax the whole time, however, I am the type that wants to "do" while on vacation. This fact about me bothers my husband at times, he likes to "do nothing" on vacation, but luckily the people we were with wanted to "do" a little as well. We played some tennis, went zip-lining, race car driving, Wal-Mart shopping (I include this because it is quite an experience in Mexico), dinner eating and card playing. Nertz can get very physical. All in all, I would say that vacations (without the kids) are definitly worth all of the work that comes a long with it.

I would just like to say "Thanks" to Jamie and Shaun Muaina. They were so great to come down to Vegas and watch our kids. Our kids loved them and didn't even seem to care that we were gone. Which is comforting and yet quite disturbing. Jamie said that Maile fell in love with Shaun, and would just follow him around. She always had to sit by him and hold his hand and she never left his side. She said that Maile didn't even know Jamie's name the whole time, just called her "that girl", and stayed right by Shaun. It is a blessing to have good people you trust to watch your children, and we are very thankful for it. Thanks guys, once you re-group we may ask you again.


Kristen said...

Cabo Wabo! I love that place! It looks like you guys had a great time! I miss ya! Love ya!

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