Monday, July 21, 2008

Cabin Fever

we spent last weekend at a cabin with some friends. we were up in Duck Creek and it was beautiful. the weather is great and the whole cabin atmosphere is so wonderful. my kids loved 4-wheeling. cole would just sit on the 4-wheeler while it was parked, just waiting for somebody to take him on a ride. then the helmet was too heavy for his little neck so his head would flop around and he still wanted to go!

we also went hiking, and my kids love to hike. we have done so much hiking this summer and the kids never complain. i don't know if i am just more brave or the kids are better, but i would have never even considered hiking with all of them a year ago. now we have a blast and even cole walks for most of it.


lesli said...

funny, we just did this hike too but with the searles. the 7 hills ward feet walked the hike to cascade falls. kiddos and all.