Monday, July 21, 2008

Riggs' triplets

many of you knew the Riggs when they lived here in vegas. i am often asked how they are doing and what they are up to, so i will tell you and give you some pictures of the triplets. we spent the last couple of days at a cabin in sundance and the riggs joined us one day. kim and i were close friends and it was hard to see them go, but they seem to be happy. for all of you who miss her too she did tell me that she really misses living here and has tried to think of ways that they could have stayed or could come back. she said that they had a real hard time adjusting to life in utah.

anyway, the triplets (as most of you know) were born very premature and the two boys, Cole and Brock, are deaf. they are almost 1 now and they are getting their implants at the end of august. insurance covers it once they are 1. they are the cutest little things and kim and clayton seemed very together. when the time came to feed them it was like tag-team feeding frenzy. clayton took one, kim took one and our friend courteney took another one. it was actually quite under control until courteney's 6-week old baby started crying and she had to stop feeding one of the triplets. not to mention the other 8 kids we had in the cabin running around us and yelling and playing. it was actually a great time and not as chaotic as it could have been. kim said that she may start a blog soon, then we can keep in better contact with them.
i promise i did help once i took a couple of pictures.


Derek, Steph and Miriam said...

Sounds like on crazy house... what am I in for? :) Please let me know when she has a blog up and going. I would love to see how an experienced pro handles the craziness.