Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sleep Walking

so, my little carson is a sleep walker. once he is asleep he isn't easy to wake up, so when he has to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night it is quite a fun time for us. who knows what he is going to do because he doesn't fully wake up. so last night, it was about 10pm and Greg and I were watching TV downstairs when we hear him whining. we know he has to go potty because that's the only reason he gets out of bed. so greg jumps up to help him. he sees carson coming down the hall and greg asks if he has to go potty. he says yes and then starts sprinting towards greg down the hall. then he stops, turns around and walks back to his room. greg follows him and tells him to go potty so carson then turns back out of his room, sprints back down the hallway towards our room and goes into our bathroom. greg continues to follow. carson then opens up the shower door and climbs into the shower and proceeds to pull his pants down. luckily greg was there to stop him and direct him to the toilet, but it definitely makes me wonder where he could have peed that we don't know about??


Harmony said...

My Little Guy has done the same thing. One night he found his way down stairs and into the garage. He had his pants half way down when we caught him and redirected him to the bathroom!

Paul and Deborah Speed said...

I tried to pee in a laundry basket when I was younger, but my parents caught me. Paul peed in a pair of his ex-wife's shoes when he was high one time. I'm sure it wasn't that funny at that time, but I sure get a chuckle out of it now.