Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tina Fey = Sarah Palin

I had to put this on here. The first time I saw Sarah Palin I thought that she looked exactly like Tina Fey. I just knew that there would be a skit on it on SNL. I have waiting for SNL to start just so I could see this. Watch this, it is HILARIOUS!!


Brindley Family est. 1997 said...

Nice! I love it!

The Herleans said...

I'll have to have Greg watch it, he missed it unfortunately. It's just as funny now as the first time.

Paul and Deborah Speed said...

So funny! I love Tina Fey. We miss you guys. No plans in the immediate future to be in Vegas, but we'll let you know. What about a trip out to SB?