Tuesday, December 30, 2008

People These Days

What has gotten into people these days? What happened to common courtesy? Has the Golden Rule just flown right out the window?

Setting: 7pm, 30 degrees outside, busy gas station. All three children present.

Yesterday evening we were getting gas when all of a sudden our car wouldn't start. The battery died. We have a very big car so we didn't want to ask people who had these tiny cars to give us a jump so we waited for a few minutes. Finally a man pulls up in an SUV so we think that this is the perfect candidate to help us. He's alone, doesn't appear to be in a huge hurry, so we patiently wait for him to fill his car up with gas and when he is finishing Greg walks over and asks if he would help us jump start our car, we have the cables. What does he say? "No." I'm not kidding. Not a, "Oh I wish I could but I'm in a hurry", or "Sorry, I can't". Just plain "No".
What is that? It takes all of two minutes to jump start a car. Yet he can't even muster a "Sorry"? Seriously, people these days.


The Farrell Family said...

Seriously? Some people suck. It was so fun to see you guys last week. I really do think we should plan some kind of trip. We still have lots more catching up to do!

Jamie said...

we changed our blog address, here's the new one :)

cabeandmelplus3 said...

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Your cousin Melis
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