Saturday, January 10, 2009

Can we say addicted?

I was trying to tell Cole that he didn't need two binkies so he shoved them both in his mouth. "See mom, I do need two." My other two kids never took binkies, he is my first, and I told myself that they were only for the first year. Well, now he is almost 2 and he still has them. I always hated seeing little toddlers walking around with binkies in their mouths and them trying to talk through the binky. So gross and annoying. Well, now I am the mom doing it. How sad! I am annoying myself! I tell myself that I have to take them away but as you can see he likes them a lot. It is a sad day when you realize you are doing exactly what you hated seeing other moms do. I WILL TAKE THEM AWAY! I just don't know when.


Harmony said...

When does he turn two? My little girl will be two on Jan.23. I think they're really close, aren't they?? I know how you feel about the binky thing. I always said I wouldn't let my kids drink sugary milk, just for the sake of drinking milk, and now my little girl is completely addicted to "pink milk". What to do!?

Angie said...

Take the freakin binky away already!! The kid eats avacado and chips and salsa for crying out loud what does he need a binky for???!!! ha ha