Monday, February 2, 2009

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga is a yoga class that consists of 26 poses, each done twice. The kicker is that you go into a room heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity to do these 26 poses. Being from Vegas 105 degrees doesn't sound that scary, but the second I walked in there I thought I would for sure get sick and nauseaus. It was hot.
My sister-in-law suggested that I go with her to this class which she attends regularly. I wanted to try something new so I went with her. I knew the basic idea (hot room, yoga poses) but when I asked her exactly how hot the room gets she casually said, "Oh a nice summer day." I walked in that room and thought I was going to pass out.
I stuck it out though. I lasted the whole hour and a half of this class, without puking. I was quite proud of myself. I never really sweat while working out so I was surprised to see sweating dripping off of me. Which is of course the point of the heated room, to release all of the toxins in your body.
Afterwards my sister-in-law asked if I liked it and I didn't really know. Even now I don't really have an opinion of it. I kind of liked it yet I kind of want to murder her for taking me there. I just don't know. Weird thing is, I think I could be talked into going again. You definitely feel cleansed and relaxed after the class. I won't be going back anytime soon though. I need my memory of the experience to fade a little bit before I agree to that kind of torture again.


Harmony said...

I think I'd welcome the heat right now. I'm super jealous of everyone who lives where spring is already approching!

Britt said...

Sorry! I hope you aren't still too mad :) i am glad you went. You can call me anytime you think you might want to go again and I'll go. It is brutal though. But you did GREAT!

Becky said...

Ha! That's funny. Yeah, it took me a few classes to fall in love with yoga myself. The first time is always a little overwhelming and kindof weird. It definitely helps that you have someone to go with.