Monday, February 23, 2009

Playing Hooky

So, the other day we decided to play hooky. I kept Carson home from school because he had a pretty bad cough, but otherwise he wasn't sick at all. But I thought that we should do something fun with a free day. So I called my friend who said she would go hiking with me sometime and asked her if she wanted to go with me. She did. Then I called my other friend, who I carpool with, to tell her that I wasn't going to carpool today and she asked what we were doing. I told her we were going hiking and she said that she wanted to come too.
So, on a random school day we had 7 kids miss school and activities to play hooky and have an outdoor day. We went on a walk on an old railroad track. It goes right along the lake and has a ton of tunnels for the kids to play in. It was a very cool place and the kids loved every second of it. It was quite long however, I would guess that we walked almost 4 miles and by the end the kids were so done. Carson was the oldest kid there and he's only 6, so they were all troopers. Very little complaining. I would do it again in a second.
The next day Maile's teacher asked her if she was sick since she didn't come to school. She replied, "No, we were just hiking."


Harmony said...

I always thought it was healthy to ditch school once and a while. :) That looks like a really cool place to go hiking. And, I'm totally jealous of your warm weather!

Paul and Deborah Speed said...

I love it when your kids are so young you can do that. Plus you get major mom bonus points.

Angie said...

Call me next time ya go, i think my girls would dig it .